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Football stars raise awareness over fostering
You often hear of football legends deciding to give something back after all their years of stardom and that's exactly what's been happening in Manchester as big names like John Barnes, Neville Southall and Viv Anderson lined up for a charity match to raise awareness of the need for foster parents. There are currently 1200 children needing foster families in our region.
Viv Anderson MBE has been appointed as the Patron of The Basil Skyers Myeloma Foundation, formed in memory of its namesake, Basil Skyers, Viv Anderson’s first cousin, who died of Multiple Myeloma in August, 2010. Multiple Myeloma is the second commonest form of blood cancer for which there is no cure, and about which there is limited understanding. Through the Foundation, Viv Anderson is seeking to fill the current vacuum in basic support of a non medical nature for people living with Multiple Myeloma, and to assist in raising awareness about the condition in the wider community. As Viv Anderson knows from the experience in his own family, following a diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma, sufferers are utterly bewildered by a condition about which there is very limited understanding. There is a lack of financial, social and emotional support and this brings with it, increased social isolation. The effect of this goes beyond the individual Myeloma sufferer and affects children, husbands, wives, partners and their wider networks of carers, family and friends. By supporting Viv Anderson as Patron of the Foundation and making a donation to The Basil Skyers Myeloma Foundation, you can make a positive difference to the lives of people living with this debilitating condition.
  The Basil Skyers Myeloma Foundation
Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the closed doors of Manchester United’s changing room? Or perhaps you’ve pondered what tactical decisions are made to change a game from the dugout, at Old Trafford? Or you may have imagined what it must be like to be on the receiving end of Sir Alex Ferguson’s ‘Hairdryer’ treatment? Well now’s your chance to find out exactly what goes on, in the world of professional football, from the horse’s mouth. Read More >>.
  Brathay Trust

He is the very first Black Professional Footballer in England, I am a Ambassador for the Foundation
  I work for the TV station, as a Presenter on mainly League matches for the last four years   
  I am an Ambassador   
  I have worked for the FA for about 9 years as a Ambassador, Travelling all over the World in my Capacity as Ambassador   
  I did a TV Documentary too show all about the Mulanje Orphans, and I have worked with them now for 3 years  
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