Viv Anderson in the news.

Viv Anderson’s first international game was one of the most important moments in English football history. That’s because on 29 November 1978 – 40 years ago – he became the first ever black footballer to play for England’s national team. Watch Viv look back on his football career with his three young children – Ruby, Freddie and Charlie. 
Playon Pro has been created to help former professionals earn a living, make friends and find new opportunities in the difficult years after retirement. In May a team of former professional footballers set off to take part in the Hong Kong Soccer Sevens. All had played in the English top flight, with David James, Des Walker, Phil Babb, Mikaël Silvestre and Colin Hendry among their number.
As the most recent Dollarsandart commission, art that tells a story there’s a bit more to it, plus it’s not just ‘any old footy top’ it’s the 1978 / 1979 one that was worn at the height of the success of Nottingham Forest.​

London xx – Prominent rugby and football players have urged sports fans to take part in the world’s largest-ever study into the link between dementia and sport. The ‘Sporting Mindset’ campaign, launched by dementia-detection app Mindset4Dementia, is inviting Britons to use the app and ‘lend their brain’ by contributing vital data from the comfort of their own homes. It aims to raise awareness and turbocharge insight into the relationship between concussion and brain disease.